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Affordable 3D Printing
Send us a design you would like printed and we will have it sent to your doorstep. We work with a range of clients including everyday consumers who are not familiar with 3D Printing concepts and with Professional designers to help in prototyping and manufacturing.
We offer a range of services including detailing of prints to ensure the best quality. This includes course and very fine sanding and Chemical finishing to ensure the smoothest and best looking models.
We are also able to assist in small scale manufacturing for a range of businesses including mass production of models, and assistance during the manufacturing and design process. 3D Models can also be used for silicone moulds for resin casting and we are looking to expand to use a filament range suitable for metal casting that can be used in a variety of industries including Jewellery production and small Automative products.
Our team is happy to assist in designing and prototyping ideas in CAD software to test a variety of solutions for your idea.
Send us a message for any inquiries or order requests and one of our representatives will get in contact with you


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