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AICMT International is the best spices export agency founded by alumni of IIT Kharagpur, India having many years of experience in the relevant subject. AICMT International is an exporter and wholesaler of Indian Spices, Mixed Spices, Condiments, and other Indian commodities including Cinnamon, Pulses, Basmati Rice, Chili, Cotton, Black Pepper, and Turmeric. Our commercial enterprise is stimulated by our close association with the Indian farmer network and our imaginative and prescient way to make Indian commodities to be had across the globe. The best aim that has led us to enter this widespread industry is to help the import and export sector reach new heights of achievement. We're dedicated to offering hygiene-high-quality products to our customers. We deliver customized excellent, length, packing, and grading as in keeping with our patron’s necessities. We deliver product’s shipment inside committed time at the high-quality fees with best excellence. Just ask for a quote.


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