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Recode Studio is an XR & Virtual Production Studio based in Manchester. We offer a
world-class content production service which is sustainable, faster and more
cost-effective. It is a strategic partnership between event production specialists SBS
Audio Visual and Visual Effects agency Carbon Digital, Recode offers a full-service,
cutting-edge Virtual Production facility.
The new joint venture has developed out of new technical advances, covid
restrictions requirements and the need to bring sustainability to the film and
broadcast markets.
A Virtual Production Studio, which is often referred to as an XR (extended reality)
Stage uses LED and green screens, computer generated environments and
cameras with motion tracking fed into a computer gaming engine which creates
immersive virtual worlds and environments in real time on-set for cast and crew.
This opens up endless possibilities for location shooting and is a great choice for
clients looking to deliver content such as TV commercials on fast-paced schedules
all from a single location, without any requirements for long distance travel, set builds
and or destruction.


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