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A steam kettle is the ideal bit of gear to rapidly warm stew, soups, sauces, and pastas. These tilting kettles have comparable applications to a stock pot, however warm your food with more control than a usual pot. Wholesale Equipment Resource is a company that is famous for its massive inventory of steam kettles and braising pan/skillets at a completely reasonable price. We are one of the best wholesale equipment provider company you will come across.

We never compromise with the quality of any of the equipment that we deal in because we know that the equipment not only has to be of the best quality but is has to be safe at the same time. We have been a part of the industry for a long time now and have been successful in delivering every sort of steam kettles and pans that our customers wish to have. We have a long list of satisfied customers across the globe who have rated our products highly and recommend it to others as well.

Our inventory offers prompt shipment from stock enabling faster production capabilities. When the specific piece of equipment you are looking for is not in-house, we will search among a vast collegial industry database who may very well have it in stock and provide it to you. It is this reason why Wholesale Equipment Resource has won the trust of so many people across the world. We are a name that defines quality in the wholesale equipment industry. We look forward to continue the good work we do and keep providing the best quality equipment to everyone who is in need of it.


* 100 gallon steam kettle* groen kettles

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