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A rich, 40+ year history started here ...

The Woodhouse brand was created in 1975 as well as from its iconic home on Oxford Street set about the one-of-a-kind mission of paving the way for modern menswear as we see it today. Right from the off, Woodhouse became renowned for importing the very best key brands from around the world, establishing itself as the most likely to place for the most up to date style advice and very sought after new collections. 40 years on, and also Woodhouse still embodies all of the values it was known for in those very early days, housing just the most effective brands on the global market with an aim of bringing that personal touch back to the globe of retail.

Improved digital content
With business booming online, Woodhouse was on the constant lookout for new ways to reinvent itself. With a much more directed approach to the online consumer, the brand launched into a new age of advertising and marketing, setting up a 'straight to your inbox' style hit on a tri-weekly basis, employing as well as adjusting the concepts of the store customer service to an online environment. The benefits for which were encouraging, building a loyal online style-conscious following.

• The Studio 11B Dallimore Road, MANCHESTER M23 9NX, United Kingdom


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